tymari.lore. [tim-mahr-ee. lohr-ay]


wine and viticulture graduate from cal poly slo, friend, lover of life, music fiend.

some things that make me, well me:

  • my right shoulder is substantially lower than my left one
  • my hands are usually cold
  • i love wine, music and cold canned corn
  • if you tell me your birthday once, i will probably remember it
  • when i was little all i wanted was to fly like the birds

One Response to “about”

  1. Tymari, cool blog! But for as long as I’ve known you, I never noticed that right shoulder thingy….and probably never will. FYI: I have weird ears and a big nose, but they work so I’m happy. 🙂 Though, sometimes the big schnozz gets in the way when I drink Champagne from a flute. If you ever catch me drinking it straight from the bottle, now you know why! 😉 Anyhoozer…..

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