a long time coming

i know that i have been away for far too long but good things have been happening for me.  there comes a time when you realize that this is exactly where you wanted to be and all the hard work was worth it.  i definitely have not reached the holy grail but the path has been lit.

i always thought that my mentors and mother were a little crazy when they said that if you like what you do youll never work a day in your life.  i mean work is work right? no.  to me work is passion, its art, its science, its lending a voice to nature.

most people in the wine industry have an aha wine.  the wine they try and realize this is the industry they want to engulf and bathe themselves in.  for me my aha wine was from my least favorite varietal at the time, chardonnay.  dont get me wrong, now i love a great chardonnay but 98% of the chardonnays i love dont come from the U.S. they come from France.  i know youre sitting on the edge of your seat, what could this aha chardonnay be? well my friends it was a chassagne-montrachet morgeot from henri germain et fils.  i was lucky enough to try this wine in two separate vintages, the first was a 2005 that was tried here in California and the second was from the 2007 vintage tried in the wonderful town of Morogues, France.

i still think about these wines from time to time; i can almost taste them in my mouth.  it was as if a romanticist had been awakened within me.  i had visions of many others tasting this wine before me speaking in tongues and dissecting the wine as i was doing.  these visions accompanied with memories of my former self and dreams of my future self magnified the moment and made that moment more impactful than one can imagine.

today i look to each moment in my career as a moment like this.  everyday i am challenged and everyday i learn more than what i thought possible at my age and with my experiences.  i can only hope that the rest of my career is as exciting, nerve-racking, and adventuresome.  even if the excitement dies down a little i could handle it as long as i am accompanied by good friends, a love for life and a great glass of wine in hand.

cheers my friends.


~ by tymaripaige on March 7, 2012.

One Response to “a long time coming”

  1. You brought us a smile~ thank you! Each time you post, your enthusiasm and passion are evident and contagious. Cheers and love to you~ Judy and Craig

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