traditional or effortless?

so you’ve had a long day, you get home from work and all you want is a glass of wine to relax and enjoy.. without thinking you grab a bottle of wine and reach into your miscellaneous drawer in your kitchen to pull out the wine opener which is strategically laying under the masher and next to the whisk. or do you? now the traditional waiters wine opener has been replaced by gadgets and gismos that allow you to flawlessly open a bottle of wine but is it worth the money?

with so many options to open a bottle of wine which route do you take?

1. the traditional waiters corkscrew.. somewhere between $5-12

i would say this is probably the most commonly used corkscrew.. its light, easy to store, easy to use, easy to bring along, efficient and cheap. not to mention it doubles as a bottle opener

2. the lever style corkscrew, aka the rabbit… somewhere between $20-55

while the storage and cost do not compare to the traditional waiters corkscrew the rabbit is undeniably the easiest way to open a bottle of wine. it takes very little strength and is extremely efficient.. the downsides its gonna cost you and if your opening an older bottle of wine it is not gentle to fragile slightly worn corks (more likely to break a cork in half)

3. the twist style… somewhere between $25-60

i would say this falls in-between the waiters and the lever. it can travel with you and can be used quite effortlessly, but if your going to be paying the same amount why not get the rabbit?

4. the pump.. for the extremely serious snobs. somewhere between $25-50

this is the newest, practically no work necessary corkscrew. just place it on the cork push the button and down it goes and out comes the cork (with a pop).

so how do you decide on which is right for you? do you take the traditional route or go for the new gismo pump? whats your method? for me i prefer the traditional waiters corkscrew or the good old shoe method…


~ by tymaripaige on May 7, 2011.

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