Modry Portugal

hello all!! i am sorry for being away for so long!! i have been traveling around Europe and my internet connections have been very bad, therefore my posts have been pushed aside for more important things like booking flights, busses and trains…

as i have dedicated this site to wine i would like to tell you about the wine that i drank while traveling around.  IT WAS HORRIBLE!  I started in Ireland then over to main Europe for Prague, Vienna, Berlin,and  Karlovy Vary (in Czech Republic).  While I am sure if you have money to spend on wine you can find some great wine but on a Eurotrip budget like i myself was on the wine was disappointing.

There were only two places that I found myself to actually be enjoying wine upon numberous attempts.  The first was when I visited Vienna in a small little adjacent village called Grinzing.  It is super cute and totally dedicated to wine.  It is basically two main roads that all have little restaurants on them and all make their own wine.  Like Vienna the food was very traditional, the people were all so welcoming and the wine was actually good.  The second place was actually in Prague in the botanical gardens where they too actually grow grapes and make their own wine.  We tried two wines both dry and both satisfying on a hot day.

It should be duly noted however that this was a rare occurence and a surprise to me.  I thought that I could run down to the local liqueur store and pick up a cheap bottle of wine that was if nothing else descent. This was not the case.  Most of the wine was something called a Modry Portugal and was syrupy and fowl.  It was made in 2009 which tells me that it clearly wasnt ready to be drunk yet the taste did lend it much potential either.

While this was disappointing my travels have now lead me to España and bad wine is history!  I will be updating again soon on my work experience here in Spain and all of the fantastic wines I have been drinking.  Until then, stay away from Modry Portugal at all costs and if visiting Eastern Europe stick to beer!


~ by tymaripaige on August 25, 2010.

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