red red wine make me feel so fine

the first cassette i ever owned was Labor of Love by UB40  and my all time favorite song from it was red red wine.  it was the first song i ever listened to on repeat.  well i recently had the song stuck in my head for 4 days and it reminded me how much i used to love the song.  i thought as a tribute to my love ill make a list of some of my favorite red wines recently…

  • villa creek– 2007 damas noir- a 100% mourvedre. a great wine. it is rich and lush and bold but not overpowering to you palate.  is great alone or with food. it has a huge explosion of blackberries followed by white pepper and some licorice finish.
  • thacher– 2007 syrah- a first paso robles distinct syrah for thacher.  its a great wine with structure and a strong acid backbone which makes me believe this will continue to be a great wine for many years.
  • san roman– 2005 100% tinta de toro (tempranillo).  this wine has the potential to be fabulous.  it needs time.  right now its dark like the night and beautifully bold like the moon.  its a blend of spices and concentrated blackberries and vanilla and HUGE oak. it has drying tannins.  i would wait at least 24 more months to drink this one for its balanced perfection.
  • stolpman vineyards– syrah, sangiovese- these are the wines i have tried from stolpman and i have loved them both.  they are from the santa ynez valley in santa barbara county, if you dont know where that is look it up, it is great.
  • eric kent wine cellars– 2007 big boy syrah- dark dark color purple, nose of dark berries and fruits and vanilla, balanced tannins and acids, plum blackberry blueberry cinnamon vanilla smoky pepper taste, no ands or commas it is a true blend. i believe will be more relaxed, distinct and supple in much more time.
  • la ferme julien– rhone valley vineyards 2008- a trader joes find, only 4.99 and its good.  if you can find it, try it; i have a feeling youll like it.

as always try as many wines as you can.  there are so many great ones out there just waiting to be discovered… go discover them, enjoy the nectar of the gods.


~ by tymaripaige on May 24, 2010.

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