what makes a wine great?

i have recently been researching wine and winemaking techniques, hence my little hiatus from the blog, and came across this in my reading.  Robert Parker Jr, the notorious wine critic, wrote down five things that makes a wine a great wine…

1. it must have enough interesting qualities to hold a tasters interest

2. it must get better with time

3. it must be a wine with a certain personality made from a certain place

4. the wine needs to have been treated right, in the vineyard and it must come from a low-yeilding, properly managed vineyard which is set up according to grape type, or varietal.

5. a great wine should reflect the winemakers point of view, no matter what region of the world or grape being used it should have a distinct style. 

now dont get me wrong i agree with mr parker to some extent but i also believe that any wine, no matter the price point or grape, can be a great wine. i do believe that it should hold your interest , that it should age well and reflect the certain style of the winemaker.  but i also believe that if it makes you smile and pour another glass  and say, “hey this is a great wine” then it is a great wine..

enjoy your journey to finding great wines… the possibilities are endless


~ by tymaripaige on April 1, 2010.

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