the diving ducks

i have previously blogged about Migration Pinot Noir and while this Goldeneye is made from the same parent company the quality is on another level.  it is the king to the migration serf.  its price is what would expect from a king wine but from my tasting experience it was worth it.  from the first sip i knew my mouth had embarked on a holy grail tasting adventure.  the smooth wine flowed through my mouth as i imagine a liquid velvet would.  it was perfectly balanced with fruit, alcohol and acid.  it started with a powerful bing cherry and light oak which slowly transitioned with air and time to a spice more specifically cassis and a lingering licorice and leather or smoke.  with time a black pepper and raspberry lingered in my mouth to be swept down with a vanilla aftertaste.  it had an unusual fruity tannin aspect to which i have not experienced in this nature before.  overall it was a full and complex wine that did not dissapoint.  goldeneye is know for its passion for pinot noir; their small production and intimate tastings prove this to be true.


~ by tymaripaige on January 24, 2010.

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