scooby snacks

Wine and Cheese Pairingare tasting room snacks meant to hide or highlight the wine?  I have been asking myself this question lately.  it is hard to tell if the stinky cheese they have on the counter for you to eat with some crackers and while sipping their wine is meant to mask bad characteristics in the wine or merely to enhance your visit.  numberous times i have been duped into this cheese platter approach, bought a bottle and have been disappointed when opening it at a later date.  i am now finding myself hesitant to try cheeses at wineries during tastings, which is hard because i love cheese, but should i be?  i guess it just makes me wonder am i missing out on the experience  and am i the only one who gets confused by the tasting room tricks?


~ by tymaripaige on November 3, 2009.

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