so we all have our obsessions and some are more secret than others.  trader joes is a major obsession of mine and it is not a secret, everyone that knows me knows that i am obsessed with trader joes. (or TJS)  I think that besides the amazing selection of food for low prices it has a wine section that is to die for.  It beats almost every other supermarket or grocery store that i have been in, for both selection and prices.  I have found more than 10 bottles of wine that i love and are all under $20.  Here is a list of a few.

  • trader joes chenin blanc -$4.99
  • la granja temparnillo- $3.99
  • trader joes reserve cabernet sauvignon- $9.99
  • chateau auguste bordeaux – $7.99
  • 2007 TBD Rouge Red Wine- $5.99
  • 2006 Stonehenge Cabernet Sauvignon- $5.99
  • 2008 Zarafa Pinotage- $3.99
  • 2007 Barnard and Griffin Fume Blanc- $8.49
  • Saint Emilion- $7.99- 9.99
  • Gaetano d’aguino Pinot Grigio- $3.99
  • Epicuro- salice salentino $4.99
  • Gascon malbec- $3.99

and for that special occasion when you want to bring something amazing and not break the bank try the elegant and well balanced ruffino chianti- $22

dont be surprised if your trader joes doesnt have all of these wines.  another great thing about tjs is that they do market research and buy foods and wines that they think will sell locally; if they dont have it out ask and just sometimes they will order it for you.  cheers!


~ by tymaripaige on September 15, 2009.

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