First Grapes of the Season

The harvesting of grapes is the first step in transforming grapes to wine and is the busiest time of the year in the winery.  This year in the Edna Valley we have experienced a heat wave which has given some of the grapes quite a shock.  With over 3 days of 100+ heat the grapes began showing signs of sunburn and now it is obvious in the Pinot Noir that Tolosa Winery is sampling that the heat has put the grapes into a state of dehydration.  With the heat and the humidity the vines and grapes responded and have been shriveling and have been showing a loss of overall moisture.  Almost 70% of the grapes with 100% sun exposure have suffered from color and flavor loss.  It is hard to tell but on this vine alone each cluster has suffered.  This being said many wineries have begun picking their over sunned grapes sooner than expected.

Tolosa Estate Pinot Noir

Tolosa Estate Pinot Noir

The estate vineyards of Tolosa Winery consist of several vineyards in the Edna Valley.  The Pinot vineyards located both directly on the property (Tolosa Airport Vineyard) and the east Edna Ranch vineyard have seen the most direct sunlight and therefore have suffered the most from the heat spike.   This sample below is from block 512, which is located at the Tolosa Airport Vineyard and has been spared from constant direct sunlight but its neighbor block 513 has been hit hard.  This Pinot harvest might turn out to be quite an interesting one with the inconsistency in the grapes.

Pinot Noir Vineyard Sample

Pinot Noir Vineyard Sample- Block 512


~ by tymaripaige on September 4, 2009.

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