seeded apple wine

the pomegranate in latin means seeded apple.  it has been known as a symbol for fertility, hope and royalty. pomegranate wine is very popular in Israel and Armenia.pomegranate seeds

Yesterday during a barrel tasting at a custom crush facility I was offered a sample of a Central Coast Pomegranate wine that was ready to be bottled.  As the wine came out of the spicket and into my glass I was most surprised at its color.  I was expecting the bright light red color of pomegranate seeds, as shown above, yet the wine was a dull light red with hints of almost a brownish color.  The wine itself exasperated somewhere between an intensely sweet and a semi-sweet taste.  I would compare the sweetness to a wine in between a blush and a dessert wine, it was almost like drinking pomegranate sugar juice.  While the wine I tasted is expected to be bottled and sold on the market for a reasonable price I do not think that I would be able to drink more than a half a glass due to its sweetness and lack of body.  I feel this wine might be good if made into a spumanti or a sparkling, but alone seems to be missing something.  Like pineapple wine from Hawaii it is great to try for the experience and possibly a boost of your days antioxidants but for me a glass was more than enough.


~ by tymaripaige on August 8, 2009.

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