who says ninety is old?

Mount Edelstone Vineyard

Mount Edelstone Vineyard

The Mount Edelstone Vineyard along the North Para River in the Barossa Valley, Australia is known as one of the most fertile regions in all of the Barossa.  The vineyard was planted in 1912 and was planted as a pure shiraz vineyard, surprisingly enough 10 vines of Bastardo grape have been found.

(as a side note: the bastardo grape is a very old variety that was grown in Western Europe and is mostly used in Portuguese port wine.  It is said to be a cross between Petit Verdot and Duras.  Small amounts of the grape have been found in Australia under the name Gros Cabernet and it is often mistaken in California as Petit Syrah.)

These 90 year old vines are used to produce a 100% Shiraz by Henschke that goes for $85.20 AUS.  It is a fabulous wine that I was lucky enough to taste while visiting the vineyard and winery in 2008.  The Shiraz color was so deep that it was almost a black color; it had a spicy nose with hints of pepper and sage and had a slight blackberry and raspberry taste.  Decanter Magazine named this one of its favorite wines of 2008 from Australia.


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