2007 Grenache, J.Lohr Vineyards and Wine

Barrel Fermentation

Grenache Barrel Fermentation

In 2007 J.Lohr Vineyard and Wines did a barrel experiment with Grenache.  The idea came about to do a barrel fermentation and at the time the best way to execute this was to remove the barrel head.  This allowed for easy punchdowns and additions.  While the wine making process becomes more labor intensive and has to be done on a smaller scale the benefit from producing a Grenache in a barrel is the added spiciness and oak flavors.  The flavors in a barrel fermented Grenache tend to be more harmonious with hints of cinnamon, vanilla and spice.  While most Grenache in California is used as a blending tool, the grape alone can be a red or white wine and has some fantastic characteristics of fruitiness, spice and usually is medium bodied.  Look for this wine to be released by J.Lohr by the end of this year under the label gesture and blended with syrah and mourvedre.


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2 Responses to “2007 Grenache, J.Lohr Vineyards and Wine”

  1. Is there a way from looking at a label to tell if the wine was barrel fermented?

    • Since labels are a wineries way to giving their wine a personality- the many colors and pictures so that the bottles are begging for your attention on the shelf- they are not always as helpful as we would like them to be. With that being said labels have no guarantee that you will like it just because it is pretty or has a great label. Labels do have to have certain information by law, like alcohol and where it was produced. Depending on personal preference information on the labels can be very helpful in making a decision. Specific designations like barrel fermented or unfiltered are to help narrow your choice to a style of winemaking. Most barrel fermented wines are made at premium wineries or under a premium label due to the labor intensities and higher cost to produce so it is a benefit to place this information on the label as a distinction from all the other “pretty” bottles. I would say that most wineries that do do barrel fermentation will place it on the label as a way to stand out. Something to watch for is a label that says barrel aged, this simply means that the wine was placed in barrel for maturation and not for complete fermentation.

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