no more wine headaches?

in cheaper wine the main reason for getting headaches after drinking is from the sulfur content in the wine.  sulfur has also been criticized for causing consumers to have allergic reactions.  well according to a study and new product called, surepure, based in cape town south africa, all of this can be changed.  the companies president describes how, “We use ultraviolet (UV) technology to purify liquids, ridding them of harmful microbes so that it is now possible to bottle wines without adding this chemical.”   the company claims a world first in the wine industry.

surepure uv light machine

surepure uv light machine


~ by tymaripaige on April 3, 2009.

2 Responses to “no more wine headaches?”

  1. The South Africans are geniuses! Have you seen any of these UV-treated wines hit the market yet?

    • I know isn’t it a great concept. I havent seen any of these wines yet. I have been looking but maybe in the wrong places.

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